Every life tells a story—we all have tales to tell. This year’s edition of Fig Stories spotlights a diverse array of individuals who’ve made a positive, lasting impact on the community we all live in—now
and for years to come.

Some of the names will be familiar, but you’ll learn things about them you’ve never known. Others may not be as well known—those working behind the scenes to invigorate our most beloved institutions or to create new initiatives in and around Lancaster.

Though they come from vastly different backgrounds, they all share common goals and values. They are authentic voices, change agents, original thinkers; bringing innovation to the arts, education, business, and how we live today—and will live tomorrow. They value the mentors who helped shape them, and continue those legacies by leading others.

Their values and beliefs guide their work and their lives, as they move us forward. They give back to the Lancaster community, helping those in need and lifting up the marginalized. They strive to make the world we all live in better, more inclusive, more humane.

Fig Industries is honored to bring you the stories of these exemplary individuals. As part of our mission to enrich the community we share, we shine a light on our neighbors and friends who elevate our lives. Our hope is that they will inspire and embolden us all to become beacons of change, hope, and unity.

We thank them for sharing their time, insight, and inspiration,
here and in the larger world.

 J o y f u l l y ,